Suppose that the results of this segment show that 37% of users are on desktop. This info would be incredibly useful if you’re running mobile ads exclusively; perhaps you didn’t realize that as much as 37% of your audience across channels is on desktop. Or if you have a site that works best on desktop, the fact that 63% of your users aren’t on desktop could push you to get more mobile-friendly.
That cookie stays with you even after you leave the page where you picked it up. Whenever you go to another web page with a Facebook widget–and a lot of sites have those widgets these days–the widget sees the cookie and takes notes. Those notes include the web page you visited, what browser you use, your approximate location, and what language you read in, among other data. The notes are transmitted back to Facebook via the widget. Welcome to Signin/Login Home Page
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Standard events are predefined visitor actions that correspond to common, conversion-related activities, such as searching for a product, viewing a product, or purchasing a product. Standard events support parameters, which allow you to include an object containing additional information about an event, such as product IDs, categories, and the number of products purchased. Turn your phone into a Pixel 2+ with these rootless Pixel launchers
Studies show that more than 80% of people prefer using their mobile devices based on the default settings set by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, that makes you vulnerable to spying activities. With Facebook Messenger, for instance, there is a default setting that allows you to share your present location with other users. That means anyone can easily locate your whereabouts until you turn this feature off.

This add-on does not prevent Facebook from mishandling any personal data it has already obtained or permitted others to obtain. Facebook will still have access to all your activity on and the Facebook app, as well as any Facebook-owned applications such as Instagram and Messenger. This activity includes your comments, photo uploads, likes and any data you share with Facebook connected apps.

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I often hear people say they are free from Facebook tracking because they do not have an account. Well, the joke is on them (or us? All of us?!). One of the reasons Facebook’s advertising works so well is the immense amount of websites and services feeding data back to Facebook’s advertising arm. That includes data gathered using the methods laid out above. How do you track a URL?