Facebook ad retargeting

The Facebook pixel is a small snippet of code that you, your website engineer or a Facebook Marketing Partner can paste in your code. It tracks the people and the types of actions they take when they engage with your brand, including any of your Facebook ads they saw before going to your website, the pages of your site they visit and the items they add to their carts.

Probabilistic cross-device tracking is an inexact science carried out by ad tech companies like Drawbridge or Traashdahl’s Tapad. These companies aggregate information about ads served on smartphones, tablets and desktops, and then use statistical models to infer who is using which device. It’s an incredibly complex process that requires troves of data to do well. Tapad, for instance, collects 250 billion distinct data points per month, Traasdahl said, including the IP address, device type and app or Web browser associated with various ads served. Over time, patterns emerge about how consumers move across devices.
You can create a Custom Audience from your list, Facebook Pixel data or Facebook SDK to specify the people you want to reach with your remarketing campaign. Your pixel or SDK can automatically add people to a Custom Audience based on the specific actions you’re most interested in targeting, like people who visit your site homepage or people who view a product but do not make a purchase. This can help you create ads that are relevant to where people are in their customer journey.
Facebook retargeting lets advertisers position ads to warm audiences. This is highly valuable because warm audiences are closer to buying, as they have already shown an interest in your products or services. When a site visitor peruses your website but takes no actions on it, you can surmise that the user was likely early in the decision-making process and not ready to take action. This indicates that additional sales fostering is required.
How To Retarget Website Visitors On Facebook In Less Than 10 Minutes!
How To Retarget Website Visitors On Facebook In Less Than 10 Minutes!