Facebook ad retargeting

For example, through Google Analytics, a restaurant discovered that a large percent of users who clicked on their lunch ad ended up using their online reservation system to make dinner reservations. They had not expected to get dinner reservations from those searching for lunch spots, but, given this, they designed better website flows between web pages, leading to more reservations, and they also started offering lunch reservations.

The Facebook pixel is a small snippet of code that you, your website engineer or a Facebook Marketing Partner can paste in your code. It tracks the people and the types of actions they take when they engage with your brand, including any of your Facebook ads they saw before going to your website, the pages of your site they visit and the items they add to their carts.
Since your visitors, these people have already shown interest in your brand so they might also be interested in hearing from you in the form of your email newsletter. Besides, these ads are specifically optimized for leads which means Facebook will find people with the highest interest in your product and show them your ad. By turning these visitors into email list subscribers you can stay in touch with your potential customers, build relationships and convert them sometime in the future.
This is a significant development, as Google has not previously supported cross-device retargeting. For example, currently, if a user comes to an advertiser’s site on a mobile phone, the advertiser is not able to retarget that user later on a desktop, unless they also visit the site on desktop. If that happens, the user is effectively listed twice, and the frequency capping and negative list exclusion is set at the browser or mobile ID level on each device.
Another business might create a retargeting campaign that displays a specific product ad after a user has been to that product’s webpage. For example, let’s say a user is shopping for a new car and searches for Jeep Grand Cherokees for sale in their area on AutoTrader. Later, when they go on Facebook, they see an ad from AutoTrader for a Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale near them that fits their search criteria, rather than one of AutoTrader’s generic ads.
The Facebook Pixel, also known informally as the Facebook retargeting pixel, is a snippet of code you can insert into the back end of your website. Like other tags, it helps drive and decode key performance metrics generated by a particular platform. Specifically, the Facebook Pixel helps businesses with a Facebook page determine and improve the ROI from the world’s biggest social network. Here’s how…

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To track the actions you need to integrate them within the pixel base code. For example, an ecommerce site that wants to track purchases will have to enter a code in the thank-you or final confirmation page that is loaded immediately after a successful purchase (see the example in the next image) in the thank you page (the final confirmation page).
Group 3: People who make it all the way through the checkout process to your “thank you” page. The Facebook pixel on your “thank you” page will add its visitors to another list, which you can exclude from your other targeting groups to ensure you’re not reaching people with Facebook ads for an offer they’ve already claimed. You can also create an entirely new campaign to cross-sell them on another course or add-on, or even use this group to create a lookalike audience of your ideal customer to find more people likely to purchase your product or service.

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The ULTIMATE Facebook Retargeting Strategy
The ULTIMATE Facebook Retargeting Strategy